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With innumerable entry points, keeping a track of a zillion keys might seem like a tough task. Furthermore, you need to make copies, hand them out to the designated employees, keep a track of them, make copies for the missing ones, rekey locks if keys go missing or are stolen and more. Such elaborate key management sounds hectic, doesn’t it? So, is there a better, more efficient alternative? There is – go keyless today! Most business establishments in Columbus, OH area are already reaping the benefits of keyless entry locks, commercial grade. Don’t fall behind; consult with Columbus Lock And Safe today.

Why should I go keyless?

  • Columbus Lock And Safe Columbus, OH 614-321-2437No hassle of keeping track of a large number of keys
  • Allows set up of restricted access
  • No need to rekey the locks
  • Can allow you to monitor employee movement
  • Easy system reset
  • Provide higher level of security
  • Tough to crack the code

Opting for keyless entry locks for commercial setup is certainly a worthwhile investment, one that will pay off in the long run.

Get the best keyless locks installed

Owing to the surge in popularity of these systems, the market is flooded with a wide array of products. Most are counterfeit or of poor-quality and will prove to be a liability than an asset, should you choose to buy them. Trust Columbus Lock And Safe to help you procure the best quality, and high-end keyless entry locks, commercial type for your property.

Types of locks to consider:

While there’s a huge range of options available, here are a few popular ones that business clients opt for:

  • Card access systems:

    Instead of keys, employees are handed out cards that allow them access to a specific zone. Each card is assigned access only to specific areas and the credentials can be erased at any moment. Also, it allows you to keep track of employee check-in and check-out times.

  • Keypad systems:‚Äč

    A simpler alternative, these systems are unlocked via a sequence or a code. The code can be shared with a specific number of people whom you wish to designate access to. To prevent the code from being compromised, you can change them frequently.

  • Keyed lock combinations:

    For people who’re not ready to make that transition into relying on technology completely, there are keyless deadbolt locks you can choose from. Since they provide keyed entry as well as a digital keypad, they provide access even if you’ve lost the key or forgotten the code.

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